Call of Duty 4 :: Compile Tools
extending the features of the stock CoD4-compileTools

GitHub Repository :: Latest Release



  • New UI using xaml
  • Changeable icons
  • Built-in console with text highlighting

General Features

  • Individual commandline-settings for bsp / light / run
  • Build/copy all custom images used within the map to the maps-iwd
  • Option to copy Fastfiles to “root\usermaps\mapname\” after building them
  • Option to change mp/radiant executable names

Shader Generator

  • Automatically generate shaders by using templates found in: “\bin\CoD4CompileTools\ShaderGen\”
  • Includes pre-built templates for: 2D, sky, viewmodel, xmodel and world materials, each with multiple options to choose from
  • Option to “inject” shaders/techsets into stock weapon viewmodels (custom public models etc ..)
  • Option to compile shaders after generation
  • A list of all existing shaders in “shader_bin\shader_src\” with options to quickly compile or edit them
  • Quicklinks to all shader related folders
  • A simple GLSL -> HLSL syntax converter