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Site Migration WIP

I didn’t feel like paying for weebly any longer, so I switched to github-pages as it’s more then enough for my use-case. will redirect any requests to this site for the next year or so. This site will be frequently updated with tools / research / tutorials or whatever else I feel like is worth posting.

Lastest Projects

Date:Aug 22, 2020

Realtime / dynamic ocean shader, fully customizable in-game via the use of the IW3xo client

Date:Apr 5, 2020

A custom Call of Duty 4 client with alot of new and useful features for debugging / mod development / gimmicks / movement-tweaks / improved in-game console ...

Date:Apr 4, 2020

A CoD4 Radiant Modification built to be used with IW3xo. Live-Link between CoD4 and Radiant. Features brush/camera synchronization, dvar manipulation ...

Oh, hey there! You might be asking yourself what this site is about and what kind of content can found here.
This is something like a blog / wiki, featuring research, tools and projects surrounding the Call of Duty Games.

Most of you might know me as the creator of the “Bounce-Depatcher” or “Custom-HLSL-Shaders” for CoD4.
If you want to know more about me and what I do, make sure to check out the [About] section.

Make sure to visit the [Research] section if you are interested in common glitches found in Call of Duty Games. ( eg. Bouncing / Elevators )
Visit the [Projects] section for a collection of released tools or projects that I’m working on. ( eg. Multi Call of Duty - Bounce Depatch Tool )
If you are searching for a few niche-tutorials, like HLSL-Shaders in CoD4, make sure to visit the [Tutorials] section.