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Main Projects
a custom client aimed at developers that includes various modifications/additions
live-link between Radiant and IW3xo and various other modifications

Oh, hey there! You might ask yourself what this site is about and what kind of content you can expect to find here.
This is something like a blog / wiki, featuring research, tools and projects surrounding the Call of Duty Games.
Most of you might know me as the creator of the “Bounce-Depatcher” or “Custom-HLSL-Shaders” for CoD4.

Make sure to visit the [Research] section if you are interested in common glitches found in Call of Duty Games. (eg. Bouncing / Elevators)
Visit the [Projects] section for a collection of released tools or projects that I’m working on. (eg. Multi Call of Duty - Bounce Depatch Tool)
If you are searching for a few niche-tutorials, like HLSL-Shaders in CoD4, make sure to visit the [Tutorials] section.

Lastest Projects

Date:Apr 25, 2021

Partially reversed cod4 weapon shaders including the most common lighting states as a base for custom weapon effects

Date:Aug 22, 2020

Realtime / dynamic ocean shader, fully customizable in-game via the use of the IW3xo client

Date:Apr 5, 2020

A custom Call of Duty 4 client with alot of new and useful features for debugging / mod development / gimmicks / movement-tweaks / improved in-game console ...

Date:Apr 4, 2020

A CoD4 Radiant Modification built to be used with IW3xo. Live-Link between CoD4 and Radiant. Features brush/camera synchronization, dvar manipulation ...

Date:Apr 3, 2020

Extending the features of the stock CoD4-compileTools. Modern UI with a build-in console and highlighting. A Shader-generator and GLSL->HLSL syntax converter.

Date:Dec 1, 2019

A tool to re-enable bouncing in multiple Call of Duty Games. Supported Games: MW2; MW3; MW-R; Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, World At War; World War II; Black Ops 1 & 2

Date:Dec 1, 2019

External/Internal Tool that adds Save/Load functionality. Also includes an external console, art-tweaks and config save/load support.