Map Exporting


The map exporting feature heavily depends on the collision drawing feature present in IW3xo.
This gives you the ability to export only specific brushes or brushes using a material of your choice.

Example: Exporting All brushes

  1. Open the DevGui or use Collision Dvars
  2. Set “r_drawCollision” to anything but 0
  3. Set “r_drawCollision_brushDist” to 200 (performance, does not exclude brushes)
  4. Set “r_drawCollision_brushAmount” to 0 or max (same thing)
  5. Set “r_drawCollision_materialInclude” to all
  6. Hit Map Export or use Mapexport Dvars

Example: Exporting all clip-type brushes

  1. All of the above
  2. Set “r_drawCollision_materialInclude” to clip
  3. Export

Example: Exporting all brushes using the mantle_on material

  1. All of the above
  2. Set “r_drawCollision_materialInclude” to none
  3. Get the material ID of mantle_on by using “r_drawCollision_materialList”
  4. Set “r_drawCollision_material” to the material ID of mantle_on
  5. Export

Example: Exporting a specific section of the map

  1. Choose the brush-types you want to include
  2. Set “mapexport_selectionMode” to 1
  3. Use “mapexport_selectionAdd” to add the first point of the bounding box
  4. Move around while facing the direction of your first point to see the bounding box.
  5. Use “mapexport_selectionAdd” to add the final point when you are happy with your selection.
  6. Export