Call of Duty 4 :: IW3xRadiant
A CoD4 Radiant Modification

GitHub Repository :: Latest Release :: IW3xo



  • Minor UI modifications
  • External I/O Console with built in commands:
    • getdvar <dvarName>
    • setdvar <dvarName> <value/s>


  • Implemented config save/load code (dvars)
  • Config file iw3r.cfg will be loaded and executed on init
  • Config will be generated when closing radiant
  • Added new dvars to control live-link:
    • radiant_live
    • radiant_liveDebug
    • radiant_livePort


  • Live-Link is enabled by default and searches for a compatible server on localhost:3700 (default port)
  • Radiant will automatically connect once it finds a server
  • Live-Link features:
    • Synchronize worldspawn settings (sundirection, suncolor, sunlight) by setting equivalent “r_lighttweak” dvars in-game
    • Set dvars on the server (^)
    • Send text messages to the server
    • Synchronize up to 16 selected brushes with the server
    • Synchronize cameras (radiant -> server, server -> radiant or both)


  • Removed console spam on init
  • Fixed a few issues with heavy custom-shader usage
  • Fixed “black world” upon selecting a brush with sunlight-preview enabled (only disables sunlight-preview now)

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